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Global warming in numbers, Businessman helps inmates in UAE jails, Poor’s man fruit goes to waste in Meghalaya & more

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Change is here: Global warming in numbers

Global warming has its fair share of supporters and dissenters. Despite ample proof, many still refuse to accept the simple truth that the climate is changing, and not for the good. On World Earth Day, we let the numbers do the talking. It’s getting hot in here. see more at

Businessman helps inmates in UAE jails

An Indian businessman in the UAE has helped nearly 3,700 prisoners from several nations who had served their sentences but remained in jails in the country for lack of money, by paying off their debts and buying them air tickets for home. Firoz G Merchant, owner of a jewelery company, has already secured the release of about 3,700 prisoners since 2011, including 500 this year — spending an estimated Rs. 6 crore and plans to pay off the debts of another 1,000 inmates later this year. “I have seen the plight of these people who are in jail even after serving their term only because they don’t have the money to go home. Jails here have excellent facilities,” said Mr. Merchant, who has moved from Mumbai to the UAE in 1989. Read more at

Jackfruit: Poor’s man fruit goes to waste in Meghalaya
It could have brought villagers in Meghalaya huge profits. Instead, vast quantities of jackfruit are going waste in the impoverished Garo Hills region. Authorities want to reverse the situation. Officials estimate the loss at Rs.434 crore each season as villagers leave the fruit rotting in the open. “It is a paradox that Garo Hills wastes 80 percent of the fruits though people suffer from lack of proper nutrition and income,” explained Vijay Mantri, the district magistrate of East Garo Hills.  See more at:

Canada provides humanitarian assistance to people affected by monsoon in India

Canada is providing essential life-saving assistance to people in India following the severe flooding and landslides resulting from heavy monsoon rains, announced the country’s Minister of International Development Julian Fantino. “Canada and India have a strong partnership and people-to-people ties that bond us together, especially in times of great need,” said Fantino, adding ”Canada is committed to ensuring that the most vulnerable individuals in India are receiving emergency support. Rescuers are working tirelessly to help families affected by the monsoon.” See more at

‘The tragedy is man-made’: Environmentalists claim rapid urbanisation in the Himalayas meant the Uttarakhand flooding was a catastrophe waiting to happen

Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Saturday said the calamity at Uttarakhand is not a man-made disaster. But environmentalists have a different story to tell. They say the magnitude of destruction and tragedy at the Himalayas has been an impending disaster created by man over the years and the trend will only increase from here on, said professor Maharaja K. Pandit, director of Centre for Inter disciplinary Studies of Mountain and Hill Environmental, Delhi University. ”The tragedy at hand is man-made. Human actions leading to environmental alterations have only aggravated the problem and reduced the natural defence of dealing with such calamities,” said Pandit. Read more:

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