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Usha Usha:I am a journalist and a communication specialist with a background in Sociology. I have about 16 years of experience, working for newspapers and electronic media and I specialize in development journalism. I am with NRI Samay as it perfectly echoes all my concerns, questions and perspectives pertaining to contemporary society.
Sreekanth Naidu Sreekanth Naidu:Also called Tinku by my colleagues at NRI Samay, I work full time for this non-profit radio channel NRI Samay. I completed my Degree in Journalism at Tirupathi. From doing to interviews to aligning schedules and framing questions for the radio shows, I try to do the best I can for this radio channel dedicated to social causes.
Brahmani Brahmani:For me, Working for the people or with people has always been my forte. A reason which impelled me to take up Civil Engineering in my Bachelor’s and an extension of it in my Master’s (Transportation Engineering). The vision and values of NRI Samay motivated me to become a part of their team. Also, another way to connect with inspiring people. At NRI Samay, I volunteer and offer help ranging from working on guest schedules to doing interviews for their weekend shows.
Vasista Vasista Krishna:Finished my engineering degree in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, I was pulled by the motivational magnetic force of NRI Samay radio. My dad runs a photo studio at Kurnool and I used to help him with Photoshop and gimp tools in my free time. I realized of late that no skill that was learnt will go in vain until recently when I joined NRI Samay. I currently volunteer and help NRI Samay radio in preparing flyers for weekend shows.
Suresh Suresh:
I strongly believe every individual can make a difference. I can care for my family and still care about the society and the community that I’m part of, at the same time. To me Nrisamay is an extension of this thought and through its platform I hope to bring out the voices that get lost in the cacophony of life and find a place for them in our lives right in our drawing rooms.
Sneha Sneha Latha:Mom of two boys, and a seasoned software professional, who staunchly believe in ‘helping hands’ to make a world filled with life full of love, passion, peace, and joy. I have drawn to NRI samay fulfilling the same dream in a committed and meaningful way by reaching everyday common person, and touching their souls in uncommon way.
Akshay Akshay Kumar:I’m a PhD Student majoring in Food Science at University of Florida. Among several unrelated interests I have, Journalism is one. I believe more in ink than blood to bring awareness and change. I’m lucky to be a part of the group, which thrives to bring unheard stories, motivating discussions and positive change.
Srihari I am Srihari Atluria part social activist, part IT manager, and a full family man with the wonderful wife and two daughters. I championed various social initiatives including Dandi March II and Save Farmers. Talking to various people I realized two things 1) If we don’t acknowledge what is good in the society, we don’t have the right to complain about bad 2) Every initiative I was involved so far, the core of it is to bring awareness in masses. For me NRI Samay accomplishes both of them with a small, but an incredible team.
Sreekanth Sreekanth: Software engineer by profession, co founded NRI Samay community radio in 2011. With the fast changing world, where positive stories and unheard voices have lost space due to various reasons, it is time a radio channel can shoulder the burden and educate the current/upcoming generations about happenings in India and around the world. NRI Samay is all about sensasional people making news and not about sensationalizing news.
Navnit Shukla Navnit Shukla: Software professional, I have joined NRI Samay because I personally very impressed with kind of News we do in here, it provide platform to all shots of people and from each and every background and field, in truly manner NRI Samay is voice of unheard, being from UP I generally do News in hindi.
Vamsi Alla Vamsi Alla: Am an IT Professional from New Jersey. I joined NRI Samay in 2014 after being inspired by the unusual stories that NRI Samay brings to forefront. The stories that NRI Samay did on disaster relief and selfless, voluntary nature of the existing team inspired me to join. I contribute my time between work and family.

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