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Published on June 4th, 2013 | by admin


“Aliens” in Hyderabad Residential Area – A Citizen Journalist Reports

I wish to bring to your notice regarding the haphazard manner in which  rules are flouted by the civic authorities in issuing permission to open  colleges. With the ongoing academic year just in the offing one can  witness many such institutions cropping up in localities,without looking  into whether the basic infrastructure and the necessary open space is provided for having the same.

This is a serious issue after the recent fire incident which took place at Sindhi Colony recently. It only goes to show that the authorities are not sincere in implementing basic norms and are giving permissions right left and center for some considerations. Please find attached herewith 3 snaps of the same for your perusal, and hope the authorities take suitable action to stop the college from functioning.Here i would like to bring to the notice of the concerned citizens one  such institution by the name, ALIENS DEGREE COLLEGE which has put up its board and ready to do business. This is located adjacent to Aditya Super Market lane / State bank of Hyderabad Lalaguda lane.,Vijaypuri colony. The road is hardly 15 ft wide,and as such the building is also cramped and situated in a residential colony. Now if the college starts functioning there is bound to be noise pollution ( because of students shouting etc ) and traffic blocks,thus disrupting the peaceful atmosphere
in the surroundings.

I request your correspondent to visit the same and bring out the expose of many such existing in the colony.

South Lalaguda

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