2041 Foundation Climate Change Awareness with International Antarctic Expedition
School Radio India Climate Change Awareness with International Antarctic Expedition
Dr.Savitri&Dr.Faizah Dr.Savitri Devi & Dr.Faizah Anum on trafic awareness
Lokula Gandhi Lokula Gandhi on public service and development of tribal/agency region of Visakhpatnam, AP
Benjamin Ndugga-Kubaye Benjamin Ndugga-Kubaye on Black Lives Matter Movement
Benjamin Ndugga-Kubaye Benjamin Ndugga-Kubaye on issues facing Black Immigrants and how BAJI is assisting to bring racial justice
Muzaffar-Chisti Muzaffar Chisti – On Syrian Refugee Crisis
Kavita Krishnan Kavita Krishnan (AIPWA)/Pankti Jog (RTI on Wheels) – On Women Attrocities
Stanley Ravi Stanley Ravi – Started Little Free Library initiative in Bangalore
Shachi Singh Shachi Singh – Rescuing kids on Railway Platforms to schools
Kalyan Akkipeddi Kalyan Akkipeddi – Creator of Proto Village in 1095 days
Kabir Chada Kabir Chada – Stanford Grad/Social Entrepreneur working for cause of old people
Ritika Ritika Khera – How is Implementation Government of India’s NREGA scheme?
Shivendra Shivendra Chauhan – IAC Core member on rebuilding Janlokpal movement
Hemanth Hemanth Goswami – Man behind making Chandigarh the first smoke free city
Narahari Narahari Parikipandla – Gwalior IAS officer uses social networks to solve public issues
Nandakumar Nanda Kumar Debbarma – Saimar is an endangered Indian language spoken by only 4 people
Harold Harold Walker – American who teaches Sanskrit language for free in Los Angeles
Sandeep Sandeep Panddey – Magasaysay Awardee who started Asha For Education
Uday S P Udaykumar – Explains struggle against Kudamkulam nuclear plant in detail
Pushpa Basnet Pushpa Basnet- Nepal Women Advocates rights of little children living in jails
Janetha Reddy Janetha Reddy – Full One hour show answering Immigration questions
Ravi Kuchimanchi Ravi Kuchimanchi – Inspiration behind Sharukh Khan movie SWADES
Balladeer Gaddar Telangana Balladeer Gaddar – Telangana is a socio political problem
Samuel Prof Samuel – Samaikhya Andhra JAC Convenor talks on Telangana issue
Upcoming Politicians Upcoming Young politicians – What motivates them to join politics?
P Sainath P Sainath – Farmers suicides is largest recorded wave of suicides in human history
Katari Srinivas Katari Srinivas – FDI is good for country’s future and Loksatta supports it
CPI Leader Naryana K Narayana, AP State CPI Secy – CPI Party is all for clean politics
LSP Leader Surendra Srivastava Surendra Srivastava – CEO of a company eariler and now into Politics
Harpreet Singh Baba Harpreet Singh Baba – Chakde Coach behind Kabaddi World Champions
Lawyer Prashant Bhushan Prashant Bhushan – Next steps with Anti corruption movement
Chavvi Rajawat Chavvi Rajawat – From corporate world to village sarpanch
Dr MV Ramana Dr MV Ramana – Nuclear Energy, A boon or a bane?
Dr Subramanian Swamy Dr Subramanian Swamy – 2G Scam directly impacts country’s economy
Darade Balasaheb Darade – US-returned entrepreneur wins zilla parishad elections
Mahboobnagar Mahboobnagar Bi-Election – Live Debate with Contestants
CNN Hero Krishnan CNN Hero Naryanan Krishnan – Sharing, Caring and Loving Destitutes/Mentally ill
J Gopikrishnan J Gopikrishnan – First man who exposed 2G spectrum scam
eLagaan eLagaan team – NRI Matters and how online services can help NRIs
Rachana Rachna Dhingra – NRI returns to India to fight for Bhopal Victims
The Banyan The Banyan – 2 Young women changing lives of Mentally Ill
Vizag Realestate scam Vizag Real estate scam – Discussion with ground team
Friends 2 support Friends 2 support – Largest blood bank built from ground
Sneha Kamayani Bali Mahabal – Discussion about Gender Inequality Issues
JP and Suravaram Current Politics – Dr Jayaprakash Narayan & CPI leader Suravaram Sudhakar talk show
Jayamma Mothers Day Special – Sex workers who are mothers
zaveri Rising Cancer cases in India – Live with Dr Shabber Zaveri
Mr. Kalia Fathers Day Special – Kargil war ended but not for this dad
Justice Santhosh Hedge Justice Santhosh Hegde on Elections and Corruption
Dr Shankar Rao - MLA from Andhra Pradesh Live with Dr Shankar Rao – MLA on corruption in India
Anu Vaidyanathan Live with Anu Vaidyanathan – First Indian Triathelete
Karanam Malleswari Live with Karanam Malleswari – World Weight Lift Champion
Satyavati Live with Satyavati from Bhumika – Helpline for Women
Himanshu Kumar Live with Tribal Gandhi of Chattisgarh – Himanshu Kumar
Pankti Jog Live with Pankti Jog – RTI on wheels
Kishore Tiwari Vidharbha – Farmers suicide capital of India – Live with Kishore Tiwari
Anil Akkara Anil Akkara – Panchayat President who brought Gram Swaraj
Dr Jagadeesh Dr Jagadeesh – Tinku Medication and Side effects
Medha Patkar Medha Patkar – Definition for The People
Rahul Banerjee Live with Rahul Banerjee – From IIT to serving adivasis
Deadbodies in black market across Andhra Pradesh
Uddhab Bharali Live with Uddhab Bharali – NASA recognized Assam Innovator
Srinivas Ganjivarapu Mining Scams of AP – With Journalist Srinivas Ganjivarapu
Kargil War heroes Tribute to Kargil War heroes
Sanjay and Shravan Youngest CEO and Executive of India Sanjay and Shravan
Pranamya A girl changing the fate of flourosis hit people in Nalgonda
Abandoned at the airport – Brave wife fights for justice
Assam Burning – Prof Sharma- Laxman ABVP and Preetham Telegraph
Kishan Reddy Kishan Reddy on AP and Central Issues
Shailesh Gandhi and Rakesh Reddy RTI by the hook or the crook – Shailesh Gandhi and Rakesh Reddy
Brigadier Ganesh Pogula Brigadier Ganesh Pogula on Rural Innovation
Harish Hinde Harish Hinde – Solar Power to Rural India
Jansatyagraha Jansatyagraha – 1 Lakh people walking 300 KM for Justice
Kundankulam Kundankulam – Live from the protests ground
Attorney Janetha Reddy Attorney Janetha Reddy – Immigration questions answered
PG Bhat PG Bhat – EX Navy officer – fighting the election commission


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