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Many a times one would wonder – “What is a good media channel that can bring out facts?”! Interesting and a difficult question and it is high time to explore some sound answers to this question!

In a world where twitter becomes a micro media platform and news hits every corner of the world in split seconds, race for fastest news byte sometimes kills the core idea of what we call – A  FACT. Even before some sane people try to bring out facts in the open, an issue is twisted, tweaked, judged inside TV studios and finally put to death by the same pockets of media!

Then social media walls of millions become an argument ring where a literal war between truth vs lies or even opinion vs FACT erupts in no time. No one wins as each side has their own set of data that they got from their own sources. In this process, a fact becomes a lie and a lie becomes a fact. Bottom line, it doesnt really matter if it is truth or a lie or a fact vs a myth. The idea is to drive majority of citizens towards an opinion about a person, an issue or a cause.

What kind of world are we building, when the only medium that connects people to causes and current affairs subtly plays around between truth vs a lie or a fact vs a myth!

Few souls were on NRI Samay Radio who whacked their brians and came up with an idea to address this problem. Innovation, use of technology and putting their personal lives at risk they are trying to solidify facts. We do have

- Srinivas Reddy an NRI works for an IT company at Minneapolis, and sustains the FACTLY initiative.

- Rakesh Reddy Dubbudu, a well known RTI Activist the engine behind factly substantiating facts with data from RTI and other sources. Had been on NRI Samay earlier along with Shailesh Gandhi on the topic of RTI and its importance.

- Shashi Kiran Deshetti also an NRI living in Virginia, works as IT consultant and works on website and content maintenance at Factly

- Manoj manduva from bangalore is by profession a graphic designer and has his own Pantheo design company and is the man behind the brilliant factly infographics that you see.

Great team that co founded!

Here is how the interview went:

Host: Let me start with Manoj,  Seems like factly is more about bringing out a fact or about making a fact more meaningful or both? What motivated you to start this initiative?

- Rakesh, What really is a FACT for factly team? How do you define it?

- You eventually will almost become a trump card for facts and it is a huge responsibility. What sort of fears do you guys have when you are dealing with facts at FACTLY.

- An opinion travels faster than a fact! Fact is about Truth and may be it has no sensation element in it. Also a fact very late in the game as far as an issue is concerned. In the meantime an opinion is about cautious construction of comfort, I mean what one likes. It could even be a gossip or a lie and hence has that sort of sensation element. How can you ensure you can stay course with the current day to day events and bring out facts?

- Rakesh, Selective Journalism is now a big discussion point. Pockets of media cover and pursue some issues aggressively and subtly calm down on others. There could be genuine reasons, lack of time, lack of man power and few literally working for their bosses who have motivations. But since people are divided based on caste, religion, region, ethnicity etc etc..the respect towards media, facts and opinions faded away. Do you get comments from people saying these are  Selective Facts?

- what data is not available and that you feel should come out?

- Manoj, in this viral work the soul of factly initiative lies in infographics! How difficutl is your work and what are the challenges? that too Putting humoungous amount of information into a simple infographic.

- FACTS DO NOT SELL. Humongous amount of effort and do you feel thsi after working on this for couple of hours.

- Majority of times you would rely on government data and government websites which inturn might not be complete data set. Based on that data we might tend to construct a fact. Do you feel that could be a risk?

- Shashi Kiran , I know you have been managing the website and the content on the website. I know this is not your full time work. Along with the social media this is public facing! Do you envision Factly becoming a mainstream print/internet/visual media in the near future?

- What sort of questions do people ask on social networks and on the website? Any fact can get controversial because end of the day it talks about truth.

- Srinivas, The bigger problem with social causes is money, run by part timers, dedicated volunteers who deliver on time and above all identifying volunteers who understand the mission behind the cause, the nack to atomically splitting the task. Many social causes fail due to these reasons. Srinivas, what sort of conversations do you guys have when you think about Money, contributing part time and to identifying volunteers who understand the intensity of FACTLY?

- Can you quote some facts that were compiled by independent contributors? Who are those?

- Srinivas, How can people help Factly? How can people reach out to your team  to extend help? By the way I do not see a DONATE button. Is it a conscious call by your team?

Srinivas, Sashi, Manoj and Rakesh, Thank you so much for your time today and I certainly hope this interview would inspire more people to think on how they can as well solidify the ideas of FACTS in place of OPINIONS and Myths. Thanks again!

 So friends, that was the factly team for you and In an era where Editorials have been quietly operating as Advertorials which means an editorial that is more like advertisement. Worse! Sensation became the thy motive of majority media pockets, not all though ..but people certainly are being mentally spammed with million media outlets driven by opinions and spreading opinions than facts FACTLY is certainly a cool breeze and has got the potential to change the course of day to day discussions, debates and conversations. Hope you have all enjoyed the show. Do checkin to NRI Samay every weekend Saturday and Sunday 9.30 pm India time, 9am PT US time, 12pm ET time.

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