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Vizag Hudhud Relief – Solar Lamps & Blankets Distribution

In 2014, for the first time NRI Samay has crowd-sourced a project to distribute solar lamps to 1000 families in the slums Hudhud effected areas of Visakhapatnam.

We would like to thank Krishna Malina, Srinivasulu Bheemineni, Chiranjeevi Koyi, Harikrishna Nallagotla, Jayadev Appannagari, Siddartha MaheshChandra, KRISHNA Seelam, Aarya Maddipati, Navya pandula, Pramod Mahadevan, Ravindra Nandam, Tanuja Kanuparthi, Sunil Gadiraju and over 50 more donors who came forward to support this project. A special shout out to EAS Sarma garu and Srinivas Ganjivarapu, ARTD for making this happen on the ground.

Your support is so awesome that some of you continued to donate for the cause even after we received the funds for the 1000 families. We are using this money to extend the project.

This winter has been harsher than normal with some remote tribal places in Vizag district reaching zero degree centigrade. We are in process of distributing blankets in Lammasingi panchayat area. The distribution should complete by Sankranthi time. We will share the details with you soon.

Details of all donations can be found here.

THANK YOU all the donors and volunteers who made this possible.

Donor List:

Some names are not listed as they chose to be anonymous.


Solar Lamp Distribution Pictures:

Blanket Distribution Pictures:

This year winter has been harsher than before, recording sub zero temperatures in the hilltop villages of Lammasingi….

Posted by NRI Samay on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Complete Press Release:

Date: Nov 14, 2014,
Los Angeles

Subject: Press Release – Solar Lantern Distribution for 1200 families in Visakhapatnam Slum Areas

NRI Samay, a non profit radio channel based in Los Angeles, USA, has organized fund raising for the relief efforts after the Vizag Hudhud cyclone. A total of 1200 families will be given the Solar Lanterns in different areas including ASR nagar on November 14th and Priyadarshini nagar slum near Madhuravada on November 15th.

NRI Samay is an independent and non-profit radio, which has been running on the basis of positive journalism since 2010. It brings stories from all corners of India and from other countries straight from the grassroots activists. Live shows are available at and all the recordings of the previous shows are available on

When asked about her ambition, Bhavani, a 9 year old girl said she would study to become a Doctor. The Solar Lanterns distributed in the slums near ASR Nagar, Visakhapatnam will not only help the family in darkness, but also rekindle children’s interest in studies. Visakhapatnam is one of the fastest growing cities, and the slums are also growing at a rapid pace. The residents of the ASR Nagar slums are mostly ragpickers.

Recently various NRIs came forward to help the slum residents of Visakhapatam. NRI Samay with the help of EAS Sarma garu has distributed the Solar Lanterns on Nov 14th. Sarma garu explained to the kids how Solar Lanterns work, and how to keep them functional for longer time. ASR Nagar slum residents are suffering from lack of proper housing, lack of employment, kids dropping out of school and alcohol abuse. Sarma garu urged women to actively participate in addressing these issues. Among others, Srinivas Ganjivarapu, Ravindra Nandam and Raj Verma participated in the Lamp distribution. Jyothirmayi and Lakshmi from the Association for Rural Tribal Development (ARTD Urban) also participated.

Srinivasulu Bheemineni, Chiranjeevi Koyi, Jayadev Appannagari, Krishna Seelam, Aarya Maddipati, Navya pandula, Prasad Papudesi and Pramod Mahadevan are some among the several NRIs who came forward to support this cause. NRI Samay thanks each and every donor and volunteer who made this possible. If anyone wants to come forward to support this cause or any future cause, please visit us at

P.S. Pictures of Solar Lantern distribution at ASR Nagar are attached to this email

Thank you!
Srihari Atluri
NRI Samay Radio, Los Angeles, USA
Phone: 001-949-381-1774

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