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IIT-M Innovation at its best for Indias most pressing problem – HOUSING!

Sunday October 19th, 2014,
9:30 pm IST/ 9:00 am PT USA/ 12:00 pm ET USA
Tune in to :

800 Sq.Ft, 2 BHK House For Only 10 Lakh – 2 Storied 4 flat apartment Building – Built in Just 1 month

NRI Samay will be in conversation this Sunday with IIT Profesor Devdas Menon whose team came up with Affordable Rapid Housing technology after relentlessly working for about a decade.

This technology uses a green alternate technology, making use of Industrial waste Gypsum & glass fibers with hollow panels. Building does not even need plastering, uses much less cement, sand, cement and water. Building footprint for same area is much less than conventional building. Building upto 8 stories can be built with out beams and columns. In Summary, Construction is Rapid, Cost Effective and Green!

Please post any questions you would like to ask Professor Menon and NRI Samay would bring it up in the conversation!


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  1. Sushil says:

    Curious about durability, stability and ability to withstand earthquakes?

    What steps have been taken so far to make these home realities?

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