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Published on February 26th, 2014 | by admin


Indians working low-end jobs abroad

An NRI’s opinion on Indians working low end jobs abroad…

I find it so bad that our Indians in UAE and other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries slog out especially the ones who are into road laying, building construction etc etc to make life of other nations comfortable. If only our govts had created an environment to grow enough employment opportunities they would not need to leave their families for a salary even our country could arrange/afford for.

The same human resources could have been better utilized for making our country number one. Nation building requires sincere administrators. We too have the same resources but our political class has created vested interests in either safe guarding natural resources or their exploitation, be it iron ore, gas, petrol or other minerals.

I have seen our workers laying roads and engaging in construction activities of beautiful villas for the local residents which are given free of cost to Emiratis. Even electricity and water are highly subsidised nearly one third rate to the citizens. What I want to illustrate here is the govt cares so much for its citizens. The locals do not do menial jobs and their salaries also multi-fold, of course this we cannot complain. And even they work for less hrs. My view is why cannot our govts engage our people, give the same quality and lifestyle. Not that these jobs require high qualification. It goes to show how as a nation we are letting down our people.

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