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Earth’s Green Places Mapped in High Resolution, Straying From the Middle Way, Foreign universities will have to be non-profit making entities, Bernanke misunderstood? Chidambaram silenced? and more !!!!

Picture Credit: National Geographic

Earth’s Green Places Mapped in High Resolution: Earth’s gone green in recently released satellite images showing our planet’s vegetation. Using the NASA/NOAA Suomi NPP satellite, scientists can now detect subtle differences in greenness on the 25 percent of Earth that’s made up of land.The images—taken between April 2012 and 2013—show the darkest green areas as the lushest, while the pale colors signify sparse vegetation cover due to snow, drought, rock, or urban areas, according to the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Mapping vegetation has some practical uses, including forecasting weather or understanding how to best use agricultural land.

Straying From the Middle Way: Extremist Buddhist Monks Target Religious Minorities. The fault lines of conflict are often spiritual, one religion chafing against another and kindling bloodletting contrary to the values girding each faith. Over the past year in parts of Asia, it is friction between Buddhism and Islam that has killed hundreds, mostly Muslims. The violence is being fanned by extremist Buddhist monks, who preach a dangerous form of religious chauvinism to their followers. Read More 

Foreign universities will have to be non-profit making entities: After long deliberation, University Grants Commission and HRD ministry have formalized the rules for establishment of campuses of foreign universities/educational institutions in India. The rules, to be notified in July, state that the Indian campus of a foreign educational provider would be a non-profit making legal entity. Hence, foreign education providers would have to first form a company under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. Companies under Section 25 are non-profit entities. Read More 

Bernanke misunderstood? Chidambaram silenced?: Our dependence on foreign stock market buyers is more worrisome than our imports of oil and gold. With all the excellent support from think tanks, policy makers, various committees, and practitioners in the fattened financial services industry, the local Indian investor has lost so much money from investing in the stock market in past boom/bust cycles that they are totally absent from the Indian stock markets. The movement of the Indian stock market is solely a function of what the foreign investor does. Over the past 10 years, foreign investors have been net buyers of USD 115 billion in the Indian stock markets, while local Indians (via mutual funds) have been net sellers of USD 1 billion. During this 10 year period, the Indian stock market has gained about +470% in USD terms. So the foreigners made the right call on “buying India” and the local investors lost the opportunity to make money. Read More

40% Of India’s Online Population Are Women Reveals Google’s Latest Study: From India’s 150 Million strong internet users, about 60 Million belong to the fairer sex implies a new study released by Google’s India arm. That means the male to female ratio is about 60:40. Titled Women & Web Study, the report reveals some fairly interesting developments within the Indian online ecosystem. Though internet access is spreading, the women availing it are from affluent class: India’s internet proliferation is growing at a healthy rate. Thanks to mobile internet & cheap tablets, internet access is no longer limited to costlier laptops & desktops, nor is it restricted to the confines of offices or cyber cafés. Read More

Edward Snowden charged with espionage for PRISM leaks: Edward Snowden, the man who launched a worldwide discussion about U.S. government surveillance tactics, has been has reportedly been charged for espionage, according to the Washington Post. Government officials speaking with the post say the United States has sealed a criminal complaint saying he is charged with espionage, theft, and conversion of government property. In early June, Snowden provided news organizations with top secret documents regarding a government data collection program called PRISM. This slide presentation intended for NSA officials and revealed a number of big-name tech companies that the government was asking to provide data. Another document showed a court order to Verizon requesting all call data for calls origination in the U.S. and terminating abroad, as well as all call data between wholly U.S. parties. Read more 

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