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Justice Markandey Katju on Vote for Note Scam – “Politi”sstitues ruined Nation!

Justice Markandey Katju was interviewed on  NRI Samay to get his opinions and views on Vote For Note Scam in Telangana region where along with Revanth Reddy (who is already behind bars), AP CM Chandrababu Naidu’s role is also now a centrifugal point to this issue.

Here is how the interview went:

Recently Telugu Desam Party telangana MLA Revanth Reddy was caught red handed by the telangana state Anti Corruption Beaurau who allegedly tried horse trading an independent MLC Elvis Stephenson to boost the morale of the party which is losing its sheen in the Telangana region! It was a desperate attempt and the desperism seems evident in the video tapes that surfaced. In the tapes Revanth Reddy repeatedly brought up the name of AP Chief Minister, Nara Chandra Babu.

Chandra Babu Naidu won the 2014 election claiming clean governance and honest politics. Now a new set of audio tapes emerged and if the tapes are true to its nature the Chief Minister himself seemed to have had a conversation with Elvis Stephenson to gave the independent MLC confidence that he would be taken care of politically if he abides by the TDP’s agenda in the MLC election that recently concluded.

At NRI Samay we do have Justice Markandeya Katju right now to help us understand the depth and breadth of this issue and give us the legal insights into this crisis. Justice Katju needs no introduction and he has been the Supreme Court Chief Justice earlier and headed the press council of India. Many Indians follow him closely on the social networks. You can also follow his blog – His opinions and views add new perspectives and dimensions to the to ongoing conversations on the issues relating to the Nation.

Justice Katju, Sir, first of all, thank you so for being on NRI Samay, Welcome to the program sir!

  • Sir today I see your facebook page and you coined a new terms – Politis tti tutes (Political Prostitutes) – What thoughts made you coin this word sir?

  • This issue is about tampering of democracy and horse trading. The telugu desam party MLA Revanth Reddy repeatedly takes the name of Chief Minister of AP, Shri Chandra babu Naidu in a video evidence that was even submitted to the court if I am right, Is this trouble for the chief minister of AP sir? Whats your view?

  • With base facts that are out in the open right now, should the ACB summon Chandrababu Naidu sir?

  • Now the fresh audio tapes revealed by T News channel which is headed by the family of Telangana CM KCR is a bummer, Can telivision channels really air the audio tapes of a matter which is currently subjudice? Media advisor of AP government Parakala Prabhakar has asked a question that when the evidence in the cash-for-vote was deposited in the court of law, how come the tapes were leaked out. Is it true that when evidence is deposited in the court of law, tapes cannot be leaked out?

  • Telugu Desam Party says – Audio Tape as per AP government source is proof that the Telangana government is violating the law by tapping phones and it is a crime. Is it true sir? If so what is the crime sir?

  • Lets look at the question in a different perspective! If the evidence produced by the voice recording in the phone is that of the Anglo-Indian MLA Elvis Stephenson himself, then would this not amount to tapping of another State’s Chief Minister and that this act is legal? Would AP CM be in trouble if this true?

  • Slow Judiciary and Political corruption cases go for decades. What do you think will happen to this case sir? A natural death by itself and Chandra Babu would be the CM for the next few terms before this case goes any where?

  • Analysists say that this new controversy may create a constitutional crisis as Telangana’s ACB is planning to summon Naidu for questioning. What sort of constitutional crisis would be this issue leading to? The CM losing his job?

  • AP govt sources say It is not the chief minister’s conversation. They are questionining about the tapes being available outside? and that Telangana government should answer this. Is Telangana govt entitled to answer this question?

  • After this Crisis both the CMs of Telangana and Andhra met Governor E L Narasimhan. What is the role of Governor here sir?

  • The scary part of this whole issue that both sides of the asile, Telangana leaders and Andhra leaders including the CMs of the states are making it as state issue and instigating people more than an issue of corruption! Bad politics starts right from here! Not all people concur with their thoughts because issue at hand is corrupt practice of TDP & its president. Issue is NOT between Telangana & AP. But driving majority towards hatred is as worst a hate communal speech. What sort of action can be taken in this regard sir?

  • In this whole episode the role of the AP & Telangana channels are questionable. Subtly and quietly they try to take sides and push the rhetoric of their favourable party. Sir, in what way can media be streamlined in these instances?

  • Sir, if we dig the past seems like Ajit Jogi did the same thing – caught by Baliram Kashyap trying to buy MLAs. Congress immediately suspended Chief Minister Ajit Jogi with immediate effect for using party president Sonia Gandhi’s name in alleged attempts to break up the BJP legislature party. Should Chandrababu Naidu quit? What is your take sir?

  • What is the role of election commission in all of this episode sir? Would it take cognizence of this matter? AP State and Telangana state MLA’s have filed bunch of cases against the Telangana Chief minister. Would these cases hold any value?

Listen in to the full interview here:


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