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Peace And Equality Weekly Report – Nov 10th, 2014

Pic Source: Express, Ashutosh Bhardwa

India mass sterilisation – women were ‘forced’ into camps, say relatives: Just days before the sterilisation camp in Bilaspur, Nem Bai had given birth to a child. Her family did not want her to opt for a tubectomy, but succumbed to the pressure of a local health worker. Chandakali, who worked as a labourer with her husband in Pune, was visiting her family here. They were reluctant to allow her to go for the operation, but later agreed. The two women are among the 12 who have died so far, following an operation they never wanted. Over 50 others, including many who were medically unfit for the operation, are in hospital. At least 21 women who are critical have been referred to the Apollo Hospital. Among these are Laxmi Sahu, who was suffering from anaemia, and Manorama, a diabetes patient. Doctors said they should not have been operated upon. Read more at 


How do you confess to a crime you didn’t commit: The door to the interrogation room at the 24th Precinct opened, and 14-year-old Raymond Santana watched as a group of detectives from the Manhattan North Homicide Squad filed in. Santana had been one of five teenagers picked up in Central Park earlier that evening in connection with a handful of misdemeanors. The group was accused of “wilding” — throwing rocks, harassing people, even knocking a man unconscious who’d been riding a tandem bicycle with his wife. Read more at


China’s Climate Change Plan Raises Questions: When the presidents of China and the United States pledged on Wednesday to reduce or limit carbon dioxide emissions, analysts and policy advisers said, the two leaders sent an important signal: that the world’s largest economies were willing to work together on climate change. “This is a very serious international commitment between the two heavy hitters,” said Li Shuo, who researches climate and coal policy for Greenpeace East Asia. Still, many questions surround China’s plans, which President Xi Jinping announced in Beijing alongside President Obama after months of negotiations. In essence, experts asked, do the pledges go far enough, and how will China achieve them? Read more at 


No more bailouts – BoE chief says banks won’t be saved by taxpayers: New rules are being proposed that will force creditors, not taxpayers, to carry the losses of banks deemed “too big to fail.” The plans come after Western taxpayers were asked to pay trillions of dollars to bail out banks in the 2008 financial crisis. The new global rules will force creditors to bear banks’ losses, ensuring that taxpayers’ money should never be used again to bail out banks. The proposal was unveiled by Mark Carney, chairman of the Switzerland-based Financial Stability Board (FSB) and governor of the Bank of England. Read more at


Kuwait opens shelter for maids from abusive employers: “Day and night I had to be ready,” said 24-year-old Charisse, a Filipina maid who worked in a Kuwaiti household for a year and a half. “At night, I could only sleep for an hour or two. The husband was nice, but his wife and three children beat me and I was not allowed any contact with my family.” Her friend Malaya, 29, also worked in a Kuwaiti household until very recently. “I was given food once a day, and only leftovers, like a dog. Very unsanitary,” Malaya said. “At one point I asked the lady of the house if she’d rather have a robot. She responded by spitting on me and hitting me with a broom.” Read more at 


Meet the Senate’s New Climate Denial Caucus: Well, folks, it wasn’t such a great night on the climate action front. It looks like the millions of dollars that environmental philanthropist Tom Steyer invested in the midterms didn’t buy much other than a fledgling political infrastructure to sock away for 2016. With Republicans now in control of the Senate, we’re likely to see a bill to push through the Keystone XL pipeline coming down the pike soon. And Mitch McConnell, probably the coal industry’s biggest booster, retained his seat. In fact, McConnell and his climate-denying colleague James Inhofe of Oklahoma—the likely chair of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works committee—won a lot of new friends on Capitol Hill last night. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that most of the Senate’s newly elected Republicans are big boosters of fossil fuels and don’t agree with the mainstream scientific consensus on global warming. Here’s an overview of their statements on climate change, ranging from a few who seem to at least partly accept to science to those who flat-out reject it. Read more at 


Christian couple’s murder – Pak Civil society seeks action against perpetrators: Members of civil society and the Christian community gathered outside National Press Club on Wednesday to register their protest against murder of a Christian couple on Tuesday in Kot Radha Kishan near Lahore. The participants were chanting slogans against the zealots and the government’s apathy towards minorities, flashing placards towards indifferent bystanders that glided right past the protesters. They demanded justice for the victims’ family and action against the perpetrators of the gruesome act. “It is not the first time we have been targeted. We have seen several such incidents against minorities in the past,” Interfaith League against Poverty (ILAP) Chairman Sajid Ishaq said. Read more at


India can do more to tackle pneumonia & diarrhoea: India’s case burden of pneumonia and diarrhoea continues to be high, but marginal progress has been recorded toward improving life-saving interventions to prevent child deaths. As per the 2014 Pneumonia and Diarrhoea Progress Report, released on Wednesday by the International Vaccine Access Center, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, India has a mixed report card. With a score of 32, India ranks third lowest compared to the 15 other high burden countries for its Global Action Plan for Pneumonia and Diarrhoea (GAPPD) score. Read more at

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