Aired Syrian Refugee Crisis and International Response

Published on September 12th, 2015 | by admin


Syrian Refugee Crisis and the International Response.

Friends, we have seen the horrific pictures of a Syrian refugee child Aylan washing off the shores of Turkey. We have read the heart wrenching story of 70 refugees who were found dead in a truck in Hungary. It is estimated that about 6-7 million refugees from Syria are displaced and seeking refugee in various countries. What is the cause of this refugee crisis? What is the international response? Why are some nations assisting them and some not so much? To these and other questions please listen to our show on “Syrian Refugee Crisis: Interview with Muzaffar Chishti of Migration Policy Institute”.

  • Please note that this show was recorded on 09/09/2015 and broadcast live on 09/12/2015.
  • The content was edited for brevity and time.
  • Neither NRI Samay nor the guest on the show claim ownership of the the images used this show. If you feel that the images are in violation of any copyright, please let us know and we will take them put promptly.

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